Foto: Government President Axel Bartelt
Axel Bartelt

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the government website of Germany's Upper Palatinate administrative region referred to as the Oberpfalz in Germany. We would like to offer you the opportunity to learn about one of the most varied and interesting regions of the state of Bavaria.
The Upper Palatinate is located in the centre of Europe. Together with the Upper Palatine and Bavarian Forests; the river valleys of the Danube, Naab, Regen and Vils; a rich monastery culture; and cities like Amberg, Regensburg and Weiden which are steeped in history and fall under its regional government, it offers many opportunities catering for the most diverse of interests.

We would like to use our website to give you an overview of the responsibilities and services provided by our regional government, and to let you know who to approach with any questions or concerns you may have. You will find a number of key words on our homepage which reflect the range of our responsibilities and services and are designed to encourage visitors to get to know the Upper Palatinate government better.

I trust that what we have to offer will interest you and I hope you will enjoy surfing our website.

Axel Bartelt
District President