District Government
Brief description

The Government of the Upper Palatinate is one of seven
authorities at the intermediate level within the three-level authority structure of the Bavarian State Administration.

It performs duties for the divisions of almost all Bavarian state ministries. The government is run as a competence centre for the concentration and coordination of various interests. In addition, it provides consultation in legal and professional matters and promotes private and public projects.

The seat of the authority is in Regensburg (main building: Emmeramsplatz 8).

Approximately 600 persons are employed in the government. In all, over 20 scientific fields are represented.

  • Executive Committee
    The staff position P (Press and Public Relations) the staff position administration management Z (3 function areas) and the staff position S (Management and Controlling) answers directly to the Executive Committee.
  • 5 Departments
    with 30 functional areas. The Trade Supervisory Office is affiliated with the government.

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Regierung der Oberpfalz

Emmeramsplatz 8
D-93047 Regensburg

Phone: 0049-941 5680-0
Fax: 0049-941 5680-199

Version: 01.06.2010